Vacuuformed/Fiberglass...difference and compatible?


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I have a mix of armor between vacuuformed and sintra. Thinking to use some Fiberglass material to strenght the whole set of armor I have (gauntlets, chest, cod, back armor)it (to the vacuuformed parts) and add a Fiberglass Knee Armor kit to it later on. Besides, I have extra parts of the chest armor (all but the collar and middle diamond-shaped piece missing) and shoulder bells made of sintra, already painted ROTJ scheme and weathered. Can I do that with the vacuformed armor I mentioned before, and if it will result more stronger than the sintra parts?

Sintra is pretty sturdy, I doubt that it really needs any reinforcement. If your vac'd pieces aren't thinned out, I wouldn't worry about them either. The exception to that would be any high-stress ares or corners (i.e. corners of the jet pack, areas that are beginning to crack, etc.). Other than that, fiberglass will only add weight.
Thanks BF. I've got to check on the armor once I receive it by mail. Depends on how I see it, I'll check on the quality of the vacuuformed pieces. So far I know that this armor was made by MB, which I think that he makes great quality items...just got to check it out and to decide if I need to reinforce them or what parts to reinforce. As of the sintra parts goes...really thinking about mixing with vacuuformed parts to have a great looking armor.

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