Vacced JP - Does NE one do it or have one?


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Does NE one vac jet packs?

Does NE one here have one that is vacced?

Pros and cons of a vacced JP?

Just looking at ideas before I start scratch building one...I just can't come off $300 for a FG type right now.
I have a friend who makes beautiful VAC'd jet packs, they look SWEEEEET. Jango Arena, Jango Kamino or even BOBA version, they all are so light...its unbelievable..if someone could host a few pics for me, I'd show you how nice they come resin pieces, even the rocket and thrusters are vac'd, and I never thought that could be done. I could pick up the entire jet pack with two fingers, and it even has a harness built into the back...PM me for a price on a kit or one professionally painted and/or weathered...

He makes REALLY nice hinged Vac'd gauntlets too...superb.

I have a vacced JP.


It is a bit small for me, but fairly light. Wouldn't be so bad, but the rocket and the nozzles are solid resin.
Chrima, Your fett is great. Are you a member of the central CA garrison? Thats my garrison. I am not active yet but hopfully i will be soon.:D

Yeah, I am a member of the Central CA Garrison. Mostly go as the Stormtrooper, but hope to start doing some events as Fett.

Thanks for you complements. Hope to meet up with ya some time.


I just replyed to all who asked me about the person who makes Vacuformed Fett Jet Packs..they are if anyone else wants to know, just shoot me a PM...He makes them and I can get them painted and weathered, very nicely, I might add.

Hey Chrima... that jet pack looks damn familiar! Wish I could paint like that though...

Hey Phantom... get your butt in gear and do some trooping. As CCG XO I command it!
Hey Phantom... get your butt in gear and do some trooping. As CCG XO I command it!

:lol: I really do need to get it in gear. I cant wait to go to events but first i need to get my life in gear:lol:
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Yeah, they look nice, but the price kills me. I'm not knocking anyone's work whatsoever, but the prices I got from a few pwople on vacced styrene just seems too high. I went ahead and began construction of one using PVC pipe, sintra, styrene, aluminum cans, and styrene foam.

It is turning out quite nicely. for a fraction of the cost. It is a turning out a little heavier than I would have liked, but all in all, I think it is excellent for never having built such a large prop before :D .

Thanks for everyone's input.
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