UPDATE! Leather dyeing question for "stunt" boots


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<font color="#FF0000">UPDATE!

I decided that by the time I went through the trouble of finding and dyeing some boots, it would just be easier (and cheaper) to find some on eBay that looked close and that I wouldn't need to fool with too much.

These are what I just bought, and considering I'll only walk in them for 1 mile, I can live with their "inaccuracies". ;)

At least they're gray, have dark gray/black side gores, and look COMFY!!! I can always do something to the yellow bits... :D

gray stunt boots.jpg

Thanks for the input, though! :D

Now none of you had better laugh at me in the parade! ;) At least I'll be easy to spot now!!! ;)


Hey guys! I've got a questions that hopefully someone can help me with. I'm going to DragonCon whis year (like many of you), and I've decided to make a pair of "stunt" boots to wear in the DC parade. I'm *NOT* wearing my MC boots in the parade and risking damaging them!

I've found a base boot that it much the same slip-on style with side gores. The sole is different than the MCs (but the general public won't know). These boots are a light brown/orangey leather. What can I use to dye them the correct base color, then dye the stripes onto them with?

To dye leather in the past I have used a spray on stuff that you get at shoe repair stores. It comes in a small can and looks and works just like spray paint. But it is leather dye. It should work well for this.
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batninja wrote:

I'm *NOT* wearing my MC boots in the parade and risking damaging them!

Chicken. :)

I'll wear them if you'll buy me another pair! ;) We've got to march from the Marriott to Olympic Centennial Park for pics, then the parade begins! The park is about 1/2 mile form the Marriott. I have NO idea how long the parade route is. :facepalm

I'm also afarid if I unscrew my MC toe spikes to make the boot more wearable on concrete, once I reinstall the spikes, the screws will never hold well again, as I've heard horror stories from others. :eek:
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The boots I'm making "scratch-built" will become my STUNT boots as FettHunter said, just in situations like that.

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Wow... I didn't think the boots I just bought sucked THAT bad! Not one comment! :(

I know they aren't accurate, but I'm just going to walk a mile in them! I SWEAR!!! Then I promise to take them off and put my MC's back on for the duration of DCon!!!! :D

gray stunt boots.jpg
I think they look great for stunt boots. In a parade, nobody will be all that close to you, either. Where did you find them?

We have had to paint over various things on shoes for different costumes before. Clonetrooper shoes experiments played a big role in this, and we never did come up with something we liked. This stuff will make navy blue into white, so it works. Go to JoAnn's and get...shoot...what is the name?? It is some kind of fabric paint that you just brush on. The trick is, they also sell a SEALANT that goes with this paint. You need to brush on the sealant first. Then, the paint hides the other color really well. They sell the paint with all the other fabric types of paint.

For spike wearability, what about making some spikes that are kind of like half-spikes? Make them a tiny bit shorter, but shave off a lot of the undersides. Then seat them up a tiny bit higher than the originals. I don't know if that would work any better or not, but it's an idea.
I got them on ! Where else? ;) Actually, this brand can be found online, especially at www.zappos.com, but not in my size or this color pattern (Zappos just carries black and red leather). :puke

These happen to be gray SUEDE, so the dyeing/painting may be trickier to do. All I really need to do it emulate the black piping on them. If they turn out to be really comfortable, I may not mess with them so I can wear them as "regular shoes" after the parade some time (it'd look kinda freaky to go grocery shopping in shoes that were all Fetted-up!). ;)

I thought about making stunt spikes out of foam rubber. That way, if I caught a spike, or drug my foot, the spike would just bend. I dunno. Lots of variables... :)

I'm just thrilled to have found gray pull-on boots with dark gray/black elastic side gores! And, you're right, the majority of the crowd (and even the parade participants) won't know the difference. I'm just self-conscious about the TDH people seeing me! ;) hehe
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