ULTIMATE ESB Fett helmet has arrived! *PICS*


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Hi Chris,

Almost wet my pants... ;)

BTW, I did not know you were here. :D

Keep in touch!


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Now that is what you call a first class Fett Helmet. Can only hope that mine comes even half way close when I start it . That is the best painted Fett helmet I have ever seen, awesome work.



Truly inspiring Chris. It's really exciting to see one this close to the real deal!


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I still cant believe how close the paintjob is on that helmet.
Its exactly the same as the AOSW helmet.
Now if only i had one like that.

Nathan ;)
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Rogue Studios wrote:

I have had one or two situations where I have exposed the colors and a person will go out and buy it only to find out I was wrong and I appologize for that. It's not that difficult to emphasize this is not an exact science but once I am convinced that what I have found is the real deal then I'll let it out of the bag.
CHris/ Lee, great helmet!!!!!

I havn't been around in awhile because of our new little girl, so I havn't read all the post concernig the helmets "accurate" colors and such, so please forgive me here on the above statment....

So are these colors correct for ESB..?... Panzer Olive Grun (cheecks, dome), Floquil Tuscan (Mandibles, visor, back area)??? From what I have read on some of the post I thought these were correct for those areas? or are am I wrong to assume this one and is what you mentioned in your above statement?

And what your are refering to is the back green/blue and charcoalish/grey cheecks?

Please clairify and forgive my ingorance.


Rogue Studios

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The dome and cheeks are Panzer olive green..However I am not using Tuscan for the mandibles since the darker maroon used to highlight the scratches would have to be really dark almost black I held off and used another color. The back of the helmet is still an unknown at this time but I'm closing in on it.



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whoa! that is intense! lets hear a round of applause for that helmet! mucho respect to the creator, painter, and owner! :cheers