ULTIMATE ESB Fett helmet has arrived! *PICS*


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Hi everyone,

I received this wonderful piece of artwork a couple of days ago. I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I am with this ultimate ESB Fett helmet. I'll let the pics speak for themselves but before I add the pics, I just want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to natty15d for making the helmet in the first place, and an EQUALLY MASSIVE thankyou to Rogue Studios who has invested SO much time, money and energy into getting the paint colors, paint technique and details as accurate as possible.
Thanks also go to Braks Buddy for letting me borrow his high quality digital camera for various trips to the Art of Star Wars exhibition here in the U.K. :)

You guys are the greatest! :D

Here's the pics (they were taken in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. I did not use a flash either).




I raved about Lee's painting skills in another thread, so I'll just say this here:

You jammy git! :D

I only wish I knew what the colors were. They all look spot on!

Hey folks thanks for all of the comments I am very humbled thank you. Here's the game plan. I have for the longest time wanted to post a tutorial on paints/color and technique so you can do it yourself on a budget without cutting corners.

I have been experimenting with colors and I have only stuck with one original from my prior post. I have had one or two situations where I have exposed the colors and a person will go out and buy it only to find out I was wrong and I appologize for that. It's not that difficult to emphasize this is not an exact science but once I am convinced that what I have found is the real deal then I'll let it out of the bag. Please don't take this as hoarding it's all with the intent of letting the whole TDH know what and how I did it basically let me spend the money and the sweat and keep supporting me I really appreciate it. I can assure you that we will all have a nice helmet if we continue our patience and resolve (I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support of everyone).

I am planning on doing all of this at the end of August.

On the back color I found a color which I thought was Empire(definitely not) but I believe (Caveat Emptor) it's the back of the Jedi. It looks a little bright but after weathering it should be ok. But be careful it still may be wrong.
CNW Green (Floquil/Polly S).

I ended up mixing a Testors German blue I think it was called Dunkelblau I'm at work so I can't remember right now but any flat blue will do. You mix a drop or two into a color called Dark Euro Green/Euro Dark Green(?) Testors. That is the color on Chris's helmet and it's the best I have found to this point but I hate mixing since every color has been right out of the bottle at this. I have been experimenting with RAF foliage Green back there too but it doesn't have as much of a Blue property.

I have all of the colors on the rocket pack for ROTJ ID'd except the yellow I have a color I have found but I want to mess around with it more to see if it was used on the MOM/AOSW shoulders bells as well gotta look through the weathering to see it.

Well just keep the faith and hang in there a little longer.

Atlast! Finally more pics of this beauty!! right click, save as;) Your efforts has really paid off..Thanks, guys!

Lee: Thanks doesn't begin to describe your contribution to the world of Fett helmet painting. But it's all I got. THANKS! :D

I look forward to the colors as they are revealed and I totally understand why you're holding back until you're sure.

Lee, thanks for shearing all the color info with us we really apreciate it. Can you disclose the colors you got so far for the ROTJ jet pack?? :D
Hey Lee all I can do is repeat what has already been said but that is truly an amazing paint job. And funny thing that you are working on the ROTJ jp colors as I was going to post tonight if anyone had tried any of the floquil colors on it. Ill keep my ears and eyes open.
Thanks Rex and everyone else. Defiler I have about 4 shades of blue but if you look at the MOM pack you can see two layers of blue in the scratches I'm still testing them but they are floquil light blue, dark blue etc...I'll take a look to see what I have exactly. I'm making another run for yellows/oranges tomorrow and let me make sure I have all of the blues. I have 94 bottles of this stuff LOL>

too sweat, dam that is one fine helmet. I said it be for an I say it again I hope mine turns out so fine!!!!!
Great stuff,
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