Two Day Fett

Here are a couple of pics of a Fett that was completed in two days. Yes, that's right....2 days. It's not screen accurate but was very well done with the time frame we had to work with. The only pieces that were finished at the beginning of this project was the helmet and all the soft parts such as the jumpsuit, spats, vest, etc. The other parts that we did have, but were not finished, was a broken gauntlet kit from ebay and a crappy jet pack ABS kit that came with what seemed like a million pieces.

The armor was created with Sintra, given all the battle damage and shaping, and then was painted to match the helmet. The logos on the chest and left shoulder are hand decals. The boots were made from an old pair of motorcycle boots utilizing epoxy, yarn, and paint. The gauntlets were assembled, painted, and given all the little bells and whistles such as the hose connectors, etc. The jet pack was a monster to assemble but came out fairly well. The shin tools are also made out of Sintra. The blaster is made out of PVC pipe and Sintra plastic.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback on this project. Thanks for looking.


P.S. Sorry for the fuzzy pics.


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Thank you all very much for the kind words. I will be posting pics of the blaster a little later. It came out very well for a quick project. Also, when I get the time, I will be upgrading pieces of this costume little by little and posting some updated pics as well.
You did all in two days??? :eek:

Incredible how you did the Sandtrooper and the Car so fast!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

jk :lol: Great work! :cheers
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That pic makes me miss my '68 Camaro RS. No offense, but it took me a few extra seconds to notice you were even in the picture. LOL!

Seriously though, that is one really good-looking suit given your time-frame. Great work!
how much did u sleep?

2 days... wow...thats awesome

like you said not completely screen accurate, but also liek yo usaid given the timeframe, amazing

but hey, it looks great

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