Here are a couple shots of how mine came out when they were finished. The biggest problem I'm having now is the paint did not fully adhere to the plastic, so it's taken some doctoring to get it to work.

(Please excuse the ammo belt. It is an offense to the SW universe and is in the process of being fixed)



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First shot of my chest pieces. Early stages yet, and a bit tougher, as I can't for the life of me find Sterilite bins in the UK, or an ovoid can big enough...


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I know this thread is 10yrs old, but I have to give it a nod. This is a great idea for the budget minded builder. I hope other noobs stumble across this, as I (a noob) have.

Mike M.

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i'm glad you realize how old this thread is, but it's been a thread that has had maintained activity through the years. the last post was only a few months ago, this is still a living thread that is an excellent resource for the mandalorian on a budget.


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I haven't seen this before tonight. It is a fantastic thread. Actually, I'm amazed with TDH as a whole. There are so many talented people here, a ton of people to help out, and minimal snobbery.

I love finding gems like this thread. Everyday is a treasure hunt!


Thanks for bringing this to the surface. It's an amazing idea. Just hope there is a UK equivalent to a Sterilite bucket mind you am just eyeing up my mother in laws dog food container. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Although just wish my kids agreed with that.


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I loved this idea!!! I made a Seahawks Boba Fett costume for the games and this was brilliant. To help form the armor I put the pieces in the oven on the lowest setting (mines at 170*) for 7 min filled my sink with cold water formed it to myself held the shape and dipped it in the cold water it worked wonderfully for me.


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Richboom I think it depends on the size/type of can you use. I plan to use a round can like the one on page 17.

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