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Depending on your trash can's thickness- a sturdy pair of kitchen scissors (what I used on mine) or something like garden shears works just fine.


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I used trash can armor on my first Fett for Halloween with my hasbro helm- I couldnt find the oval shaped can so I used the round one instead, and i must say it formed quite nicely to my torso. I used a smaller rectangular can for the back plate (sorry no pic of the small can)- but got everything else (chest plates, shoulder bells and cod piece) from the larger can. Im currently in the middle of upgrading everything with fiberglass armor and all new helm and suit all together. I must say my paint job wasnt absolutely accurate on the trash can but it was good practice for the upgrade armor. Here are some pics of the trashcan and my fiberglass (not weathered yet) armor.








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Well fella's heres my progress on the trash can armor. I have a thread going at the RPF, but few people seem to care! hah

Weathered Armor 3.jpg

Weathered Armor 2.jpg

Weathered Armor 1.jpg


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I'm definitely going to be doing this in the next few days for my wife's and my custom mando. After many years of trooping with the 501st, I love the opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone. Just how good these look, and especially for being home made out of existing parts gives me positive thoughts about doing a budget build. I personally like building my armor, it gives me more of a connection to the finished product being something I made.

I'll be sure to show progress pics when I get them cut out and painted up. Thanks for all of the information and great job everyone who's posted.


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Hi guys, I'm new to this board. Over the holidays, my 10 year old son and I decided we were going to make our own Mando armor. No particular reason, we just thought it'd be a cool father-son project for us to do over the winter. I googled making Boba Fett armor and found this board, and this thread. Definitely looks like the right route for us to take for our first set- looks good and won't cost us a fortune. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the exact trash can that the original poster used, but I've been searching high and low for trash cans with the "right curves" so we don't have to do much heating/molding/bending with the armor. If anyone has had any success with a different trash can having the "right curves", would you mind sharing the style, where you bought it, etc?

BTW-- we're in the suburbs of Philly and would love to find local people to get together with at Philly Comi-Con and wear our armor!


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wanted to type something here so any newbies like myself might stumble upon this because its amazing! Is there a garbage can technique for the back plate? WOF template?


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armor of inferno.jpg That great i was wondering will this method work for other cos? Im working on making the armor of inferno from the Ronin Warriors and want to fine a good way to make it with out costing alot.
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I can't for the life of me find white trash bins like these, I can only find square ones in my local shops. Anybody have a link to someplace that sells them?


Here's a picture of my tote armor project. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm pretty new to this stuff.


I still need to round the edges a bit and clean them up, and I've surved the "flatter" part of the shoulder bells a little more since this photo was taken.