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Hi all

Is there some way of erasing the black line that the carbon/ transfer paper creates ? I use a putty rubber/ standard pencil rubber and it does not get rid of the marks completely i even tried using soap and water (but it washes away the enamel)

I am using 3 X Royal Artists Transfer Paper 18"x36" Sheets. which cost £6 for all three sheets

It was fairly cheep say compared to Saral Wax-Free Transfer Paper which is X4 the cost (£20 )

Is there a secret to it ? it is it just the cost of the paper ?
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This is what i used. I tried a few different brands and it worked best.
graphite paper.jpg
my last carbon paper had similar problems, i waited that paint was fully dry and after with a wet sponge i keep off the carbon line
I have been using the Saral you mentioned. Sometimes a little more cost is worth the ease of use. The Saral comes off with a slightly damp Q-tip.
I also tried the Mona Lisa Brand, in the white color recently and found it okay, but it left a lot of leftover residue that was hard to get off. I have since switched to the Saral and like it a lot better. Just my 2 cents.
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