The Prop Palace Vest Review *PICS UPDATED*

Trooper TK409

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OK, I received my vest with the jumpsuit recently and I really like the material - a nice slight sheen to it with a little extra thickess. (the shine here is accentuated because of the flash.) It comes in Prepro-like light gray, but I'm sure they would do it in another color if you asked.

- nice, slightly padded thickness
- great fit
- good proportions (shoulder caps, fit through the chest)
- neckseal attached
- zipper back
- nice neckseal

- too long
- velcro sewed in all the wrong places
- no slots for harness straps in back
- quilted rows may be a little too small

Resolving Issues:
- I removed all velcro and sewed back on where it meets up with my armor. You'll need to add extra as well. (best to ask them to not sew on the velcro, but still include it in shipment)
- I shortened it (like hemming up a pair of pants)
- added extra velcro in back for the backplate
- Mrs. TK-409 sewed some slots for the harness in back. Thanks honey! :love


I'll be interested in seeing some pics. I've never heard much good come from PPalace customers. Except for the ammo belt, the pouches were decent.
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Wow that's pretty nice. The material looks a bit too shiny for my taste though, but besides from that it looks really good.

I have one of these vests and had to completely modify it as well. I shortened it, moved some velcro around and heavily modified the back to accomidate the jet pack. I also thought it was too shiney so I misted it with white and grey spray paint. It turned out quite well.
Whoa, that is a damn fine looking vest! I'd be super happy with that! armour looks top-notch as well! very nice set-up!
I've got the same vest but it's thinner than yours I guess who ever made it has improved the padding thickness. I had the vest put away for about a year now and was contemplating on throwing it away. I always wanted to do some modifications on it ,so I might just do it. For those who are wondering how long it takes for shipping well it took close to three months for mine to arrive and I wasn't happy with it at all.
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