The Lonewolf at Dragon Con

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I always thought the same way concerning modular attachments concerning mandalorian armor. I always try to give my mandalorian sketches a tactical and practical feel as well in the same way i would situate my gear. Your armor and sketches look great and you should definitely feel proud about how your helmet turned out.


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I saw you at Dragon Con Wolf...but with the drinking, and the crowds, and the drinking....I had a problem keeping my camera steady. Blurry pics = bad picks! I thought it was a great costume, and it looks better in person!

...Time to buy a camera w/ image stabilization...


I also saw this costume in person at Dragon Con. My hat's off to you for the work you did on the helmet as well as the back pack. I also have thought of the Mandos as a ground pounding type of troop. My first effort was trying to focus on that feel as well.

I do want to thank you for making a very custom bucket. This opens the doors up to us a little more to expriment with new looks but still keep the mando feel to the armor. I don't know where the pic is anymore but my next bucket will be a double T type as seen in one of the comic books. It will still have the Mando feel but be a complete custom.


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Ori'kandosii ner vod!! You really did capture the SF/ infantry flavor. Very Merc'ish also. I totally feel the buy'ce (helmet) and the custom comm anteas. The tinted T visor was a nice touch too. I really like the practical and functional style too, maybe its because Ive been a ground pounder, as you put it, for so long. I think it fits perfect with the Mandalorian pragmatic way of doing things. Its simple but it works and that what counts. I like the subdued color scheme, not a fan of super bright colors myself. The wear on the buy'ce looks accurate, and I was really feeling the roster number on the buy'ce too. It made it look like you are part of a uniformed Mando specialty unit. I got the HALO insertion/Target interdiction squad member feel. I guess thats the "joe" in me being partial.
My only crit would be the bootlaces, and the orangey pistol grips. Thats it. Everything else looks fuctional. I even rocked the same pair of Hatch Operator gloves when I was kickin in dorrs and clearing rooms in Iraq. That little padding saved my knuckles many times. Nice Mando burc'ya!

vadr h8r

***!!!That helmet just screams awesomeness!!!*** You could and should have a comic book after your character!! I do agree with the others that the bucket just over powers the whole costume. kinda like 24" rims on a car. The whole car might be sharp... but you keep looking at the rims!

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Holy cow, I had forgotten making this thread:lol:

Thanks for the compliments anyhoo. :)

I actually have to revamp this mando. It was just a quick build for Dragon Con, and the only impressive things are the helmet and the backpack. I need to make new armor, sculpt custom gauntlets, and have something better than US flightsuit and my dannerboots:eek: