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For KickedintheVader:

First..My fiberglass GF helmet:




This is the pic I built my ENTIRE suit from:

And I studided this pic for three years to get the belt accessories right:


And the result...



The only good pic of Kast`s gun..

The base I used for it. It was a Star Warriors gun from KB toys:


In this really bad pic( pre digital camera) You can see I hacked the scope off, the front site, and the bottom of the trigger guard to match the original pic:

A much better pic of what it looked like after that hacking. Plus, I used bondo on the sides to smooth them out, and gutted the inside of it, to fit the "parts" in that you can see in the original comic pic:

This is what the inside of the gun looked like after I gutted the top part for the inside pieces:

After that was done, I used a piece of pvc to extend the barrel:

Then here was the tricky part. Cutting more pvc to smooth the top "gun barrel" and to extend the muzzel to fit the end piece on:

Once that was done, I added the sides that I had cut from a rubbermaid garbage can.I used a rubbermaid garbage can because at the time, it was the only material I could find that was long enough to cover the side of the gun. I did`nt have any sintra that long. And before I attached them, I sanded the hell out of the two sides to rough them up so they would hold primer and paint. Creating the sides of the gun was the most challenging part. I had to measure the length of the gun, compare to the picture on where they ended from front to back, measure where the vent holes went, and then add the "lines" on the front of the gun. I have the original templates for the sides if anyone needed a copy of them, I spent too much time creating them to get rid of them:

Then next, I filled in the bottom of the gun with epoxy, and cut pieces to cover the bottom part of the gun:


Added the custom made clip:

Added the custom made front flash supressor made from PVC tubing and plastic O-rings, and now the beginning of the side scope is added:

Now, switching to the topside, I inserted my custom made gun piece made from 2 small pvc caps and a metal hole plug:


A primer base of paint is added to the sides so the paint will stick:

On the right side that I mount the scope on, I reinforce the inside with a cut to fit metal plate to better support the weight of the custom made pvc scope:

I cut a piece of sintra to flatten out the top of the gun where I will insert another one of the "gun pieces" :

I mount my custom made scope to the side of the gun using hobby screws and small, square pvc tubing from the Hobby Store. As you can see, the scope is made from pvc and a hose connector:

The scope is finally mounted:

The second front barrell is added:

Its hard to see against the color whilte, but the second top "gun piece" is added on top of the gun:

Now, all I had to do is paint and insert the lenses for the scope:
gun51.jpg comes the fun one, if you are doing a Jodo Kast, you must have his grenades for his sidearm holster:

The way I went about making these three were pretty simple. First, go to WalMart to the vitamin isle and pick up three of these:


On my first try, I cut he necks off of them, then I discovered the tops fit better with them on. So DON`T cut the necks off of the bottles, the domed tops will stay on better with them left on:

So, you go to the Easter aisle, find the corresponding size plastic Easter Egg, and now you have your domed tops for your grenades:

Epoxy the sucker on:

Now for the bottom of the grenades. Go to Home Depot and buy three of these little things. You can find them in the pvc aisle:

In the next aisle or so over, you can get these small metal hole plugs that fit nicely into those pvc pieces:


So your end result will look like this:

No I tried a bunch of different ways to attach the bottom piece to the main body of the grenade. I finally went with a small nail attached to the bottom of the hole plug, then punched it throught the bottom of the main body of the bottle,followed up by a lot of 2 part epoxy, and they hold just fine.
After some paint and some red tail lens tape from PepBoys, I ended up with this:

Now the holster that the grenades fit into:

The below gun was my first sidearm, which was a resin copy of the Bespin security blaster, almost accurate but not quite. The butt of the gun had to be more square...So now to my current sidearm with the correct square handle butt. Its a Fett sidearm that was offered here on TDH awhile ago.


I`m currently working on more pics, but please feel free to PM me for any other pieces to the costume. I have the stun colar and the two greanades Jodo carries as well, just no recent pics as of yet.
And if you`re at DCon and see somebody wearing this swag:

Stop him and say`ll be me. I`m always up for talking about a Jodo project for another fan.
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Your suit rocks. I just like harassing you my brother! How's your Night Viper coming along speaking of long term costume making? :p


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Thanks a LOT! Sorry it took me so long to respond my internet was down, but THANKS the blaster picture and everything REALLY helped, cant wait to show off my own as soon as I am complete! Thanks again for your help and I hope my jodo will be at least half as good as yours!



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Here's my contribution -

Decipher -





Ignore that holster in the last two pics. :rolleyes

TEOD WIP from like...forever ago. -

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I totally forgot about this thread.

Comcast in their infinite wisdom has decided to update their database and for some reason, has skewd all the links to my pics in their database, thus making them inacessable. So now I am working on migrating all of my pics over to photobucket.

Please stay tuned Jodo fans...more is on the way.