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Hey guys, with the holiday (read "convention") season coming up, I'm planning on visiting some Friends in San Diego at the end of July... purely uncoincidentally, my trip coincides, almost exactly, with the dates of San Diego ComiCon.

Now, I have had lots of people try to discourage me from doing what I'm about to say: I'm going to take Jango with me, and troop alongside my SoCal and Old Line Garrison Buddies. Something I've been longing to do since I first conceptualised my project.

Now I'm sure some of you have traveled overseas with your costumes, and I'm begging, nay pleading for some advice on travelling with a costume. I'm fairly confident I can fit it into a brand new 38 x 20 x 20 travelling chest, and still have some room for padding. However, my real question I suppose is with airport/airline ettiquette. Obviously I'm carrying some fairly dubious looking stuff, including two plastic blasters, a resin jet pack rocket, and two wired up gauntlets.

Will I have to empty the chest at Airport security, or declare at customs, or what? I'd like to know exactly what I have to do, well in advance, so that I can forsee any problems or time delays.


Two options:

One....Send it UPS or FedEx. Make sure it is labeled as props.

Two...Put labels on the box saying "Stage Props - Manifest on inside cover" Include inside the box a picture of the full suit and a list of items. Make sure you discribe the blasters as "Non-firing (Metal/Resin) stage props. Cannot be made to fire." So when they open the box for inspection they have the check list and a discription of the contents.

I would ship it UPS, but that is up to you.
I've been kicking around the thought of going to Comic Con, but can't get comfortable with the thought of shipping or flying my costume there! I think it's only a recipe for disaster!:( :puke :cry MY suggestion, although extreme! Get in the car and start driving!8)
I know some people ship there costumes to various locations, but with all the work and money I spent on my costumes that I cannot replace of something where to happen, and knowing how the post office treats boxes i wouldnt.

Both are a risk but I'd try to claim it way before I left and get it all straitened out. Some airports still dont care what goes threw and alot goes by without a glance. They seem to only pick on people that are harmless though so I dunno, I probubly leave it at home.
I have traveled with my scout armor on an aircraft many times, with no issues. I pack the armor neatly and put it in baggage. I also print out pictures of the props to identify them. I carry my helmet as carry on. Its legal to transport firearms in your baggage (if identified at check-in), so its got to be legal to carry props. Now there has recently been a law in California about replica firearms, and I know there are issues with shipping them.
I also know of 501st members who found their armor broken and repacked haphazardly into their totes by airport inspectors at CIII. I don't know if I would trust any airlines more than I would trust UPS or Fed-Ex. I guess you have decide if you want to risk all that hard work. I personally would Fed-Ex it to your friend's house insured. But that's just me. Or you can always not bring any armor. I'll be going to the Comic Con. Maybe I'll see you there?
I personally would ship it as well, and would not trust it to an airline. Now just a word of advice on shipping it. Make sure the container is very sturdy. Make sure it has orintaion labels and marked as fragile. Also another thing is ship it as fast as possible if you fear for its safety. I have worked for a shipping company for 13 years now and know that the faster a package is shipped the more likely it is to arrive safely. If it sets around some place that is just more chances for it to get set outside in the weather or some thing just completely random happen to it. I have seen whole 2000LBS containers suddenly lost for two days at the airport because someone didnt tell the proper folks where it was stored at while it was waiting for its delivery date. Also as many people have suggested make sure it is insured and that you have the tracking number with you when you travel. Good luck.
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