The Circle is now complete...

When I started on this forum I was but the learner, now I am the Master.;) Actually I have to acredit the look of this bucket to the infinite wisdom of the veteran board members. Many thanks to MS, AFFO$'s, Spidey Fett, and TK-7602.

Here she is. My fiberglass recast that I bought on ebay. It just goes to show that just like the guys who have taken the rubies helmets that there is hope to turn something as undesireable as the dreaded amiadfilter helmet into something presentable It just takes a lot of patience. I have been working on this helmet every night since February, and now look. All that is left is putting on the rangefinder, visor and some foam inserts so it fits nice and snug.






I have now since added the resin rangefinder and stalk. Now I just need my stupid bondo mistake to dry. You live and you learn. I wonder, could I get some sort of gel coat or something to put over that, that would dry into a shell over the stupid squishy bondo or do I have to wait for it to dry?
I know I mixed it correctly, I just laid it on too thick. Where it is thin it is dry, hard, and smooth, but the thicker parts are what is taking so long. I just was so excited to being so close to done that I just slapped this crap in there without thinking.

The thicker parts are getting harder though. I just checked this morning. One thing is for sure, this helmet will not break once that stuff dries completely. Before it was paper thin.
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