The armor of Novall Talon

Feldon Nassus

New Hunter
hey, I have an idea for saving some space in your helmet.
You can rig your gauntlets to house a NiMH battery to power your helmet. You can cut the power to the helmet by using a toggle switch, and have a parallel connection running through either a push button or a toggle switch- both commonly found on gauntlets. You then can hide the wires from the gauntlets in a large hose or cable, or something else if you prefer.

But- heres the kicker- how to disconnect the helmet from the rest of the suit? the answer is to use male and female standard 9v battery plugs- so you merely plug one end into the other.


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I actually have a 12v and 9v rechargeable battery pack that will be getting installed probably after Dragon*Con. Just don't have the time to do that for mine before AdventureCon in June.