Templates to a new level - waterslides "UPDATED"

For the love of....!!!! Let me be the first one to applaud you on these!!! Can you make those 1/1 pdf files? Those would speed up any newbie boba-builders greatly. I for one would love to try these on a decent bucket! By the way, Whatever happened to the word game? My modem broke so I was out of the 'net for a while, and now it's nowhere..
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im not sure im understanding your process here, are you applying decals instead of painting on the damage or using the decals as painting guides?
That's genius,not my style as a painter but sheer genius for anyone wanting to do a helmet accurate and quick. At the very least the decals could be an awesome at hand painting guide or a temptation if your painting goes bad. Good job
Very cool idea. Especially for cranking out a quick and dirty paint detail.

So just to make sure i got it:
1 Apply all "solid" base coats
2 Apply decals
3 Paint over decals
4 Any final touch up of base coats

And as for the type of helmet, I guess, do some paper printouts to adjust for sizes before printing the decals.

Finally, is your painting technique just with a brush?
WOW! I think I just heard the door slam on the Helmet Painting Business! That is just SUPER!!! It doesn't get any more accurate than that. Well Done! Well done indeed!!!!
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