TDH @ Dragoncon?


Sr Hunter
This came up as an aside in another thread...

Has any thought gone into a TDH panel / booth / something at Dragoncon? I'm not going to C4, but I'd be happy to help out with stuff at D*C.

Maybe a reprise of the TDH panel?

I know that people aren't likely to do much thinking about it this close to C4, but hey... I need something to look forward to ;)
Hahahahahahahahahaha i`m goging 4 days.:lol:

heh... i'm not going by choice ;)

i actually had no interest in an all star wars con. i've got to get my non-SW geeking in somewhere too! ;)

but yeah, i'm all for helping out with some TDH thing, as long as it doesn't clash with any other stuff i've got going on with the Browncoats or BSG people.
Well, looks like I'm ALSO going to DragonCON this year! It'll be my first D*Con! I'll of course be willing to help out with anything needed :D

Oh and my girlfriend is coming too...
I'm gonna do my best to get time off for this. I've already made plans to go ... but I can't make it official for a little bit.:( If I do get clearance to go, I'd definitely be willing to help out.;)
I have all intentions to make dragoncon this year, but I believe I am gonna go scout.

That and for my wolfpack brothers, my RE trooper.
Think we'd ever use the booth for Comic Con?

Not this year, but perhaps in the future. If we have enough funds and enough interest. We can really only make this happen when there is enough support from members of the board to man a table. We had enough for C4 and expect there will be enough for Dragon Con. While a large number of our members do attend Comic Con, it seems that there are not as many as attend Dragon Con and might not be enough to keep the table manned at all times. We will certainly consider it for '08.
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