Talk about luck



Wow, listen to this.

I have pretty much everything i need to finish my fett, just about a week of solid work is needed. Everything except the jumpsuit. And no place around here even carries jumpsuits, nor could i find one i liked online. I found one, but it doesnt come in my 6'4 212lbs and 30 inch waist. After about 4 weeks of looking around locally I decided the only way is to make an hour and half trip to Bob's to see if they carry anything...but what did i find today in my basement when i was working out???
An old light blue jumpsuit!!!!! I bought it about five years ago for halloween. I took out the hemming my mother did (back when i was 5'8) and this baby is ready to be faded and sweet is that...I searched everywhere within 30 sq miles except my very own cool is this??
yea no kidding huh?

I need some help fading it. Its a kinda dark blue, i already ran it thru a cycle with bleach but that didnt do anything. Does anyone have ideas?
Rit makes this...stuff, for lack of a better term, that removes colors from fabrics. It should be able to help with fading. You can pick it up at Wal-mart or an arts & crafts store.
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