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I was showing my grandpa my lights from seventhz777z. He is not all that thrilled about SW, he calls us "a bunch of pot smokin' hippies." The toothless wonder, old gummer that he is, he's was still interested in seeing them.
Ok, my point. He actually came up with an idea about adding an on/off switch. He said taking the battery in and out of the 9V clip could cause wear and eventually have to replace the clip. Has anyone done this? Any pros/cons? Thanks for the help.


Well, for being 93, and having Alzheimer's he is still funny. I must have got him on a good day when I went to visit. I was trying to get him to put the bucket on but he was laughing too hard to hold still.
...or just get one of those 9v battery holders from mouser electronics that have the on/off switch...that is what I got for my helmet fans and they are enclosed just in case they pop...hope this helps...

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Adding a switch is as simple as cutting the positive wire (probably red) somewhere between the board and the connector, and putting both loose ends of that wire on the contacts of the switch. Do NOT put the switch in-line/in-between both the positive and negative wires. Doing so allows the switch to short the battery in one position. :(

If you're using an SPST (single-pole single-throw) switch, 2 terminals is all there will be on the switch. If it's a SPDT (single-pole double-throw) switch, there will be 3 terminals ... you want to use the center and one other terminal (not both end terminals).

Good luck,

What? I didn't understand a word of that. I just need to send them to you like I was planning to. I did solder the new snap on all by myself though. Yippie.
PM sent to you again shackman.
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