Superjedi's McQuarrie Fett version 2


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Hi TDHers!
Haven't done a new progress thread for a while, but I actually have something new I'm working on. :)
I recently received one of Skygunbro's McQuarrie concept version 2 buckets and it's a really
cool looking kit!
If anyone has seen his version 1 McQuarrie helmet, you know how nice that was. This one is based
on this well-known sketch.


The kit is fiberglass reinforced, with 3 insert pieces for details on the lower cheeks and left side, and has a
3 piece RF assembly. I'll put up some pics in my next post.

I've got everything trimmed and sanded, and I should have a couple of shots of the helmet in primer
by tomorrow evening. Not much to show at this point. This will (hopefully) be a pretty quick build,
as I'll be doing a pristine paint job. Gloss white, with a couple of touches of gray and a red triangle
on the front of the dome. . . and that's pretty much it! Imagine that. . . a simple paint job for a change. :eek:

More to come!
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Sweet! So... how many Boba's we gonna see from you?
All of them of course! :lol: It is my goal to have 1 representation of each version of Boba's helmet, from concept through ROTJ.

UPDATE: December 24th, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope that Boba Clause will bring all the good Mandos lots of bounty tomorrow. ;)

I've got the bucket in primer. All the cutting and sanding is done on the visor area and the 3 locations for the insert pieces.
I used a "filler primer" for my basecoat, just to level things out nicely and see what else needs attention. It did reveal some
small spots here and there that will need a dab of filler. No big deal. Here's the helmet as of this afternoon.


Jason really did a great job capturing the feel of the McQ sketch.


The detailing on the back of the helmet is great!


The cutout over the left ear is where an insert part will go. After everything is primed/sanded, I'll epoxy
the detail part in place. Same with the 2 circles on the lower cheeks.


In this last helmet shot, you can see where Jason wrote the maker's info on the inside. Mine is #8.


Here are the accessories that came with the kit.


Closer view of the 3 RF parts. The detail piece goes on the right side of the RF topper.


Finally, here are the 3 other detail pieces. The rectangular part goes over the left ear, and the
two circular parts are inserts for the lower cheeks. The flanges around the parts are to set them at
the correct depth, making them level with the helmet surface.


Next will be round 2 of filling and priming. I anticipate at least one more round to make sure everything
is as smooth as I can get it for that white gloss coat.

Thanks for looking!


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That helmet is sick! Skygunbro is a true artist and I love his works! Can't wait to see this finished!


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UPDATE: December 26, 2011:

Not much to show this morning. I got the first round of primer/filler sanded down, and as I suspected, there were
a few low spots that needed a little more attention. Nothing major, just around the seam on the dome, and one
small area near the forehead triangle. I slapped on some putty last night, and I'll sand it down today and shoot
one last light primer coat.



After today's round of sanding and primer, I'll give it about 48 hours to ensure it's fully cured, then I'll
be ready to spray some yummy gloss white!


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UPDATE: Jan 1st, 2012

Happy New Year everyone! My McQuarrie version 2 helmet is complete!
I don't really have any progress pics between the last stage and the finished helmet. I was dealing with some
computer issues and was more focused on that than snapping pics. Sorry!

However, the last couple of stages were pretty simple and there wasn't a lot of actual work to show.
Once I was happy with the way the dome looked after round 2 of puttying and sanding, I used some
Rustoleum 'Professional' Gloss White as the color coat. That stuff is WHITE!! I sprayed on a light/medium
coat to give it a good base, then a second heavier coat when the first had dried. I looked everything
over carefully to make sure there were no drips, and was very happy with the results.

Here's a front view.


The white is very glossy and smooth. Not quite mirror-smooth, but it looks great! I painted each of
the accessory pieces the same way before they were attached. Below you can see the rectangular
insert over the left ear and one of the circles on the lower cheek.


Detail painting was minimal on this helmet. I used some Testors gloss red for the forehead triangle, and
Polly Scale CSX Gray for the band around the back of the dome.


These pics of the back of the helmet show that I also painted the 4 small oval "vents" in the center of
the back panels.


This shot of the right side shows the RF stalk attachment. I actually didn't use the part that Jason supplied.
I was having some trouble getting the part sanded evenly lengthwise. I just couldn't get a flat surface
all the way up the length of the stalk. So I traced the shape onto some 1/4-inch Sintra and cut a new stalk.
It's a bit thinner than the piece supplied with the kit, but I like the way it turned out.


Since this is purely for display, I made a makeshift visor from a smoke gray report cover. Just a really thin
piece of plastic like you might use to protect a term paper or something. It's actually just taped into the
helmet with plain ol' masking tape. :lol:


If the light gets behind it just right, it's still kind of translucent. I may add a second layer to make it
less see-thru.

Anyway, that's it! This bright white helmet certainly looks a bit odd next to my other weathered Fett
helmets, but it's a very cool addition to my collection. This is my 6th completed helmet, bringing me
that much closer to my goal of having one representation of each of Boba's helmets. My collection now
consists of the following versions and makers:

* McQuarrie Concept V.1 -- Skygunbro
* McQuarrie Concept V.2 -- Skygunbro
* Pre-Pro 1 -- Bobamaker (dentless kit)
* Pre-Pro 2 -- Fettpride GMH
* Pre-Pro 3 -- Terminal Fettler
* ESB "Hero" -- Fettpride FPH

Hope everyone has a Fetty 2012!


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Happy New Year to you too!
What an awesome helmet and an impressive collection. I may guess that the next one (after you finish the Pre-Pro #2) will be the ROTJ? Or the SuperTrooper?


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Hey there,

sorry for bumping this old thread, I'm about to buy the same helmet myslef and was wondering if the stalk of the RF kan be moved like in the other Boba-helmets?

With kind regards,



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Hi Rikush,
Well, it's not designed to pivot. But I'm sure you could come up with a way to make it do so if you wanted.
We never see this helmet anywhere else except the old concept drawings, so there's no way to confirm if
it was intended to move up and down like the screen-used helmets.
Question is there grey in any of those small lines or is it just shadow? I recently came into a V2 and want to paint it and I’m just curious if there is grey other than the one band across the back of the helmet