Superjedi's Gauntlets


Sr Hunter
July 31st

Been working on my excellent Ruffkin gauntlet set. Nothing earth shattering as far as construction. I trimmed the pieces to their final shape, and made sure there were no sharp edges, especially on the inside.

One alteration I did make was to rebuild the boxy structure (whipcord launcher?) on the outside of the right gauntlet. The resin cast I received was a little rough, especially on the inner part, where the tube shows. I matched its size and used .020" sheet styrene to build another one, and inserted an aluminum tube running the entire length.
The gauntlets were assembled using super glue on the outer seams, and industrial strength velcro on the inner seams. The flame thrower unit on the left gaunt, and the reconstructed box on the right gaunt were reinforced using 2 screws apiece. Also the resin nozzles on the flame thrower were carefully cut off and replaced, using the coaxial connectors mentioned on TK-409's site. (They look really nice!) I added some foam strips on the inside to fit them to my arms using 3M spray adhesive. Stinky stuff! Use it outside.

Painting: I sprayed a couple of light coats of Krylon gray primer, and then lightly sanded with 320 grit sandpaper, just to make sure everything was really smooth. The base coat is Polly S Wisconsin Central Maroon, sprayed in several light coats until I was satisfied everything was even looking. After it was good and dry, I sealed the base coat with Krylon Satin Finish. Then after the sealant was dry, I went over the entire surface with steel wool, lightly "hazing" the surface. For the chipping and damage, I used Tamiya Chrome Silver, the same silver I used on my helmet. For the more indistinct looking damage, I took the wire wheel from my Dremel and held it in my hand, scraping lightly through the paint until the primer/bare plastic started to show through. Unless you're reeeeaaally looking close, it looks silver!
Pics below of the left gaunt. The right one is still in work. The only thing left to do is a black wash once I get the right gaunt all dinged up. :)

left gaunt2.JPG

left gaunt4.JPG

left gaunt6.JPG
those are looking great Eric, i find your tutorials and attention to detail very helpful, and it helps me to slow down and do my Fett gear the right way. (i am ridiculously impatient) anyway, your helmet tutorial was awesome, and this one looks like it is shaping up to be amazing as well! Thanks a lot for the great work!

Gator Fett said:
Nice work and great tips. :thumbsup:

p.s. don't forget your calc pad. ;)

LOL, yeah I'm still working on the calc pad. I've got it set aside for now till I'm done painting/weathering everything else.
UPDATE Aug 6th:
Well, got most of the major painting/construction finished. The right gaunt is painted now, and I black washed both using my acrylic flat black that I've had for years. :) The great thing about those "craft" type acrylics is that they last forever.
The paint job on the right gaunt is kind of a hybrid between pictures from AOSW and MOM. I couldn't find good pics of the underside from the MOM section, so I used pics from AOSW to do the bottom. It seems to work though.
The only things left now are to attach some of the small parts: 4 darts and small tube on the right gaunt, and the calc pad on the left gaunt.
I got a length of styrene tube to place below the whipcord housing on the right gaunt, and I need to paint that and attach it as well. I'm still searching for the correct hardware to build the hose attachments, but I think I've got a good shopping list, and I'm going to try to pick up the parts this weekend.


right gaunt1.JPG

right gaunt top.JPG

right gaunt close.JPG
UPDATE Aug 10th
Right gaunt is complete. I got the smaller parts installed, the 4 little darts and oval tube on top, and the hose connectors, and long tube under the whipcord box.
I had to go to 2 different places to find hardware that looked right.
The hardware parts weren't designed to go together, so I wrapped the threads on one side of the center part with electrical tape to screw the flare nut on. Then "locked" it by dripping some super glue down onto the threads and tape.
To paint the hardware parts I sprayed them with Krylon Dull Aluminum, then after they were dry I brushed on some black pastel in uneven patterns, then sealed them with Testors Dullcote. I may go back at some point and dry brush some blotchy brighter silver. Opinions?
I used lengths of threaded rod to attach the 3 assemblies to the gauntlet, and used 2 part epoxy to glue those in. My gauntlet will probably fall apart before those hose connectors come off! :lol:
The last thing I'm working on is the calc pad for the left gaunt. Still trying to clean some excess resin from the raised sides, and in between some of the buttons. *Sigh* I'm scared I'm going to mess up the buttons. They're tiny!



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