Superjedi's Fugly ESB for Soa


Sr Hunter
Ear work is coming along. The base colors are down and I've done the black arch on the RF ear cap.

20201014_151359.jpg 20201014_151427.jpg


Sr Hunter
Here's a quick building tip.
I like to use Chicago screws to hold the visor in the helmet. I secure them with 2-part epoxy.
The base of the Chicago screw is smooth, as you can see here.


I use a Dremel cutoff wheel to cut a few notches around the head and some cross-hatching across the surface.


This gives it a little more surface area for the epoxy to grab onto.


Quick and easy. (y) :)


Sr Hunter
Ok, it's a wrap! ESB number 47 is all done. :)
These Fugly helmets are really nice and they build up into excellent ESB helmets.
Thanks for following along with the build, and here are the "mug shots." (y)

IMG_20201021_185046_509.jpg IMG_20201021_185046_472.jpg 20201021_165605.jpg

The side profiles.

IMG_20201021_185046_470.jpg 20201021_165328.jpg

The rear areas.

IMG_20201021_185046_471.jpg 20201021_165434.jpg IMG_20201021_185046_483.jpg

This helmet will be going out to its new home very soon!