Superjedi's FPH2 SE for Malc


Sr Hunter
The left ear is finished. Not too much left to do now!
I'm also including a collage of my dry transfer ear markings. These are a real time saver. (y)

20191218_155419.jpg 20191217_213026.jpg


Sr Hunter
The last stages went really well, and the helmet is finished! :D
I had a blast working on it. The SE is my favorite version, and there should be more of them out there!
Here's a final gallery of pics.

20191223_162354.jpg 20191223_162232.jpg 20191223_162217.jpg 20191223_162310.jpg 20191223_162136.jpg 20191223_162158.jpg

The helmet is getting packed up and it'll be heading to its new home tomorrow!
Thanks for following along. (y)