Superjedi's FPH2 SE for Andreas Koch


Sr Hunter
Back again! :p
I'm starting another ESB helmet build this weekend. Actually it's a ROTJ SE, but I count it as an ESB. It's just got some extra character.
This is an FPH2 kit from Wasted Fett. It's the standard kit with resin ears, but my customer sent me a Bobamaker RF and stalk.


So far I've done the prep and installed some hardware on the ears. The main ear pieces got small machine screws epoxied in, and the upper RF ear got some rare Earth magnets.

20200321_095334.jpg 20200321_154405.jpg 20200321_154420.jpg

Everything is in primer as of about an hour ago.


Sr Hunter
Back panels are moving along. I got everything stenciled and masked and airbrushed the dark green.
These are the major shapes. I'll go back in with a fine brush to tweak the details and add the finer marks.

20200324_162540.jpg 20200324_162518.jpg 20200324_162459.jpg 20200324_181937.jpg 20200324_181916.jpg


Sr Hunter
Thanks, Don. :)

Weekends are great for making progress. I laid in the damage shapes on the back of the dome.


Then I worked on all of the SE damage.

20200329_071843.jpg 20200329_071826.jpg

Now I'm continuing to work my way around the dome.