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Ok... I have a really stupid question for you all.
I got a heiland flash tub gun, and took it all apart for the barrel of the EE-3. However, in my infinate wisdom, I managed to really scratch and gouge the heck out of the metal. The scratches are not in straight lines either, they are all over the place.

My question is, is there ANY way that any of you know that I can at least reduce how ugly they look. I understand I may not be able to remove the gouges completely, but at least possibly make them less... noticeable?

If not, then my Fett blaster has seen more better days than others. :)
I think any topical scratches would help add to the "heavily-used" look and could do ntohing but help it...afterall, it'll probablly get some black-ened carbon charring anyways...right?

If not, you can always use some brasso and then buff it off. That stuff is great for taking out little nicks and scratches...just an idea, hope it works.
Oh yeah, I plan to give this a nice layer of carbon scoring... And you are right, it might enhance the effect a bit. However, I am a bit mad at myself that I did it! I thought I had removed all screws and things to remove certain pieces, well... apparently I didn't!

I really feel dumb for doing it too!!!!
I wouldn't be too upset with scratching it up. Much like Prymer said, you can buff it to remove any "excessive" scratches but in reality it's supposed to look banged up to a certain degree.

By the by, the Heiland I have still has the innards because I was scared about prying them out. I've removed the attached brackets but where the "light bulb" would go there's the electrical mechanism that doesn't want to come out.

Any hints? Were you able to hollow the Heiland out?

I just removed all external parts and screws and then thumped the inards out using a large piece of wood inserted in the battery end and a hammer.

Mine came out pretty easy. I just removed the screws on the little button array and the innards pretty much came out without a fight!

It was one of the external parts that had 2 small screws on it that did the gouging and scratching. I thought I had removed everything.... apparently... I was very wrong.
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