Stretching Fiberglass knees


Hi guys, I've got a pair of JD fiberglass knees, and they're a bit too small for me. does anyone have any suggestions of how to stretch them to make them wider?


Fiberglass is pretty tough to work with after it sets.

I don't believe you can "stretch" it. Since the epoxy resin and glass are pretty resistant to most solvents/heat.

Perhaps you could make notches in areas to spread it, then fill in the gaps with more fibeglass or bondo?
I've had some luck "streching" my MLC shoulder bells. All I did was to warm the item up gradually with water until you are using straight hot water. As I held the item under the tap I gently streched the item to my desired shape. At the point I was happy with them I switched to cold water and "reset" them.

I had to repeat a couple of times but the shape has held just fine.

Knees are more delicate than bells though so be careful.

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