General Boba87Fett's Comparison of Shoulders and Knees (PP1, PP3, ESB)


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Hi everyone,

While working on my ESB shoulders and knees I came to realize just how few quality images there are of them. As such, I started looking to the PP1 and PP3 to see what could be learned from them because Joe Johnston painted the PP1 and likely the PP3.

The PP3 and ESB have a lot of similarities, so I figured it was worth looking at. Below are the best comparison photos I could find. If you have better ones or additional angles, please post them up!

I haven't spent time looking at the stuff made by Daydream Productions yet. Will look soon.

Any and all input is appreciated!





Boba-Fett-Knees-Comparison-Right copy.jpg


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I already said this, but the fact that the Supertrooper evolved into Pre-Pro #1 (v1 and then v2), which was the base for the Pre-Pro #3 (even had the PP1 jetpack, gauntlets and cape), and this was ultimately the base for the ESB Hero (the PP3 soft parts were reused for the ESB suit, except the vest, the ankle spats and the cape - even the right knee was used in the Fett shot at Luke scene):
PP3 In ESB.jpg