Yellow damage on ESB knees and shoulders

Eli Jinn

Quick question, does anyone know if the lighter yellow damage on the ROTJ knees and shoulders is present on ESB? I'm pretty sure it's not on the mythosaur shoulder, but I can't seem to find a good picture of the other shoulder or the knees.
There appears to be something on the other shoulder at least. Not quite the same as ROTJ but similar idea.

The knees are difficult to make out. This is where I see some yellow damage but there isn't great reference material.


  • Yellow_2.PNG
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Hey there, exactly what neo showed you above. only the left shoulder on the ESB (mythosaur shoulder) does not have the "yellow" chipping/damage. Instead, it has grey or poorly mixed silver, as to contrast with the yellow base color. The other shoulder and both knees do
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