stormtrooperguy's rotj helmet rattlecan colors


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Since there seem to always be threads about paint colors for RotJ, I figured I'd create some search-fodder.

This is just what i like. This isn't "right". You might hate the results. The cans might explode, sending shrapnel into your eyes. I'm not to blame for any of that!! Enough folks have said they like my suit that I guess it's at least ok.

Personally, I think you should seek out the colors that YOU like best, rather than just trusting someone else to make the decision. It's your helmet, so make it you YOU want it, not how I want it! :)

Also note that I'm not mentioning anything about the subtle weathering... mists of grey and brown, graphite powder, razor scratches, etc...

This is my helmet:


And here's what I painted it with:


From left to right:
Grey Primer
Metallic Silver
Moss Green
Sage Green
Claret Wine
Hunter Green
Navy Blue
Flat Black

Start off with a coat of primer, followed by a coat of silver.

Mask off the silver parts with latex masking fluid, then spray a coat of primer. This will act as a grey base, since some grey damage shows through.

From there, you'll be masking off various parts of the helmet for different things. Since this is just a paint list, not a real tutorial, I'll just leave it at that. :)

For the dome and cheeks, I use a mix of colors. I basically mist one on top of the other until i like it.

The main colors there are sage green and moss green, using more of the sage than the moss.

The visor is done with a coat of flat black, followed by misted layers of Claret Wine until I like it. The Claret Wine has a pinkish color against white/grey, but on the black it looks good.

The mandibles I use flat black as the base, then mist on a bit of navy blue and a bit of hunter green, usually followed by a light mist of black.

For the back, I use hunter green.

The kill stripes I hand paint in with acrylics once it's all dry. Just go to any art supply place and pick up a bottle of one that looks good. There are too many different brands to even try to nail one down.

And when the paint is all done, I seal it with some Testor's Dullcote. I don't have any on hand now, so it isn't in the photo.

What do you mean by 'seal with testers dullcote'.
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dullcote is just a matte finish clear sealant for the paint. I personally don't use it, I just lightly sand the paint to take off shine.

But most people swear by it.


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Great Post Stormtrooperguy. Thank you very much. I was wondering if you could send another link to the photos of your finished helmet for reference?
The links in the first post appear to be down.
Thanks much. :)


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Wow, so glad to see this thread still chugging along. Unfortunately I took down my personal site a while ago, but may try to resurrect it. I still have all the files, so I'll try to dig them up :)