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I just visited a site called and saw what appeared to be some really good stuff (like too good not to be illegal) and some really crappy stuff. I found this site looking for Boba gloves on Ebay and I'm just wondering if anybody has ordered from them and what the quality of the items they recieved was.
dunno about the rest of SFP gear but I know I got there cod/butt plate and its awesome. It was thick fiberglass even though I had to repaint it to fit the rest of my paint job I was 100% happy, Order/shipping took about a month though.
there are a couple of SFP gloves on ebay right now and they look really crappy, they're made out of leather with the th white patches mades out of vinyl so they're shiny! the gloves aren't supposed to be shiny.
...I have to agree...the gloves definitely are pretty weak...I saw and put them back in the bag...I got their softparts kit and the jumpsuit is way sweet, braids are not bad, cape is good if your about 4ft tall, the vest was also sweet, and my Jango boots were alot better than I thought they would be...hope this helps...

...I still cannot figure out how they get everything into such a small box?????

Take care
Ya that looks horrible, definitly not what is abvertized on there site, because they picture gloves clearly made from cloth. doubt...they are not bad gloves if you dont mind them being pleather and a quickie pair for a costume...but if you wanted cloth then you would be a bit bent...I did not get them for that...just the softparts kit and it was not a bad deal...just the wait and dealings overseas was a bit scary but Anton proved to be pretty cool...

Take care
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