Spidey's scope mount question

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OK, I glued all of the ribs on the barrel, BUT was I supposed to cut out the sguare so the scope mount rests on the PVC pipe? Or does the scope mount get glued to the space between the ribs???

I am keeping my fingers crossed!
I did 2 things with my Webslinger mounts. First being I thought it was too high, so I cut it down and mounted it ON the ribs.

IMHO, gives the EE-3 Scope a lower profile. I thought the original mount height was alittle too high...

Hope this helps.

Stay safe.

If you dont have a bunch of epoxy under that area should be pretty easy. Lets see some pics when you get it done. Are you going with the gray like in the reference CD or darker? I bought a can of aircraft gray buy testors that seems pretty dark and I think a good match for the reference CD. Good luck.
I may attempt to cut the ribs aways. I am not going to make mine as weathered as the MOM version. I want it a little sleeker. I plan on staining the stock a dark walnut or something, NOT paint it black. I like the wood finish. Anyone have any pics of theirs so far?
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