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Does Slave 1 still make them? I'm on the market for a pair of nice gloves, and I haven't heard much of him lately
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Several pairs have gone off on ebay lately, I was under the impression they were his pairs. They look nice and go for around $70 or so.

I too am looking for gloves and the ESB striped cape.

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Ok guys..

We need to rally and nail down a source for gloves and the capes. I think the capes will be easier because we know the soure. The gloves... on the other hand(pardon the pun)will be more difficult. I`m trying to find someone local to do them with no avail. Anyone know a good costume maker willing to make some gloves?

Lets do this everyone.....

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I would definetely be into the gloves and the cape!!!
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DO we know a good source for the capes? Particularly the early striped ESB cape?

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The capes are pretty easy. First look at Brak's nifty tutorial for the ROTJ cape to get your cape dimensions:

Then peek at my sorry first attempt at an ESB cape here (I made the stripe horizontal instead of vertical, D'OH!):

Scroll down a bit and look at my version 2 capes. Just ignore the part that mentions dying the whole thing green, that was my error from looking at the movie's funky lighting.

Get some light brown flannel and some Orange spray dye (Rit Tangerine works well too with a spray bottle) and read my rambling tutorial within that same thread.
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I was reading that and it looks relatively simple. I'm still daunted by the thought of the horrendous apron I made in 8th grade. I got an F :(''

I may try to make one on my own but I'm still curious if anyone makes accurate ones.

While we're on it, what exactly is a grommet?

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here's a gromit (the dog)


Oh, and here's a grommet (the brass colored thing):
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Cool, now does that work like a snap? How do you attach something to it?

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We got this thread rolling...Now, I`m going to attemp to contact some local costume makers this weekend. I`ll keep everyone informed. Anyone else having any luck?

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That picture with the button on it looked like the glove was sewn to the sleeve to me.
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I've been thinking there was something familiar about the Fett gloves, and think I've finally found out why.

I was just browsing through Brak's CD and spotted a photo of the inside wrist of the right glove. Photo 'Boba Fett 797' refers.

You can see a 3/4 or half-circle cutout, with a hemmed edge about 3/16" wide, with an overlap where there is a fastening. I'm sure that these gloves are button-fastened men's dress gloves, like those worn by various Lodge members, plus our police station had a box of them for funerals and formal dress occasions way back when.

I've seen a lot of these worn back in the 70's and 80's. They were a soft, fluffy material, looking just like those on the mannequin. They were imported from England, I think. The white colour, plus the light weight of the cloth and the apparent ease of stitching make me sure that's what these are.

Just my two cents worth. Cheers.
Nice catch....

But I thought this was going to be about somebody finding somebody that did gloves!!!


I`m still looking....

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The base gloves were indeed parade style gloves, near as I can figure.

That's what I use as the base on my gloves. The tricky part is making gray dye. And the hard part is quilting and sewing all the material on.

Yep, I still make gloves and sell a pair every couple weeks or so on Ebay, so they're still available there. I've revamped the patterns (now that we have so much great reference material ;)) and perfected the dying process a little, so the ones I'm making now are better than ever.

The ironic part is that I've never gotter around to making myself a pair of the newer version and I sold off the old version I had been using with my costume. For the first time in years, I myself don't have a pair of Boba Fett gloves!

Here's a link to a current auction if anyone's intersted . . .
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Slave 1, I really must acquire some ESB gloves from you. :)

However, like you said in the auction, you can lighten or darken the color of the grey, correct? The ESB style gloves seem to be a darker grey- it's a shade I really like.

BTW- Here is a pick of the parade style gloves with slit and button looking enclosure.

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What did you guys use as a base for your fett gloves? I need to find a place to start. Thanks.
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I was looking for a pair of gloves like doug's on Obi Wan's site. I figured i could build off of them. I found a pair of gloves by Stanley (the tool people) that I like alot. I'm using them as my base glove. I found them at Target for 8 bucks.
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I'm researching this right now. I found this site:

The price is GREAT!!! But the person I talked to said the ones I think would work (Gray in the picture) come only by the dozen!! *L*

I sent her a close up picture of the Fett gloves and she told me to look into Thinsulate... which is what I'm doing now...

Let me know if you find anything!

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I don't see any gray in that picture of gloves?

I dunno, the pics from MOM show the loves to have a snap, but they seem thicker that the cotton/Santa gloves.
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The ones on the far right... I guess they are more black than gray... but they COME in gray. :)

The Fett glove picture I saw had a button... Hmmm....

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