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I got the idea when i saw Brak's helmet project..
I'm not very good at building things from scratch, nor do i own a hobbyroom, but i do craft things in 3D. This 3D object is my first serious attempt at doing a realistic ESB hero helmet. I have more than enough referance photos so why not try that instead? I'm awaiting some costume parts so i will work on this instead until they get here :)

For now i've just done the basic shapes and will move on to more authentic proportions and smaller details later.
Right now the helmet is a low-polygon mesh, but after i've added everything i'll make the shapes much more smooth:)

I know the proportions looks off at the moment, but i'll try my best at doing it as close to the original as i possibly can..
I'll post more progress pics soon..
What do you guys think?

Looks like a great start there :)
Since it's just a base I won't start commenting on proportions or sizes until you get more work on those :)

Could this program in any way help us determine the real measurements of the screen helmet? Could pics of the movie helmet be 'rendered' or otherwise inserted into the program and compared to this model? By lining up common points?

There could be some learning potential here,
Keep it up :)
That's a great thing to work on! I tried this a few months ago, but I lack the skills with the 3d software. I think this would be a great way to determine accurate proportions and sizes.

Keep at it, this could prove very valuable :)
Cheers, Phil & Max :)
Yes, i can add photos of the real helmet in the background and compare it to the 3d model. No Problem! I guess that's when the real challenge starts. Now i just wished that i
had the possibillity to carve this helmet out in plastic when i'm finished with one of those laser machines..I heard it's really expensive, but i could check it out with one of my friends that teaches 3d in a school. They own one of those machines :wacko
That way i could set the helmet with the exact measurements
and it will be transferred into a physical object..

micke, have you thought about sending the design off and having a way model made from it? I think there are some places that can do it for not too much considering what it would be worth. You could then have a metal plug made from it and then make yourself a fiberglass shell off of the plug. Just a thought.
Micke, these are truly fantastic. :thumbsup: Check out that machine at your local school, 'cause you might end up being able to carve off different sized helmets. Could be a short step to making custom helmets of your own design? Even kid-sized ones, etc? Then gauntlets... jet packs... Slave 1's...
phantomfett wrote:micke, what program are you using for that? It looks like something I could use for my jet pack schematics. :)

I would say it's 3D Studio Max. Im lucky to make a stick that bends with it. makes me sick how good some people are with that oh well. Good JOB

That's kind of like what they were doing in Jurassic Park 3 with the "resin velociraptor resonating chambers" machine.....pretty cool!
yup, that's MAX4. It's what I use all day at work at Blizzard for video games too :) nice to see some fellow 3D artists.

you should do a search for poser skins I have seen some for stormtroopers and darth maul I would be very surprise if someone didnt already have something out there for boba or jango for poser

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