SkyGunBros Helmets?

For the price there very nice. You can also spend alot more on other helmets if you want. (It's all about preference and how much you want to spend)Sky backs his products 100% and is a nice guy to deal with.
Hey he is awesome to deal with. I have owned his helmets. I cant recommend him enough. Seriously a great value and great guy to deal with.
Sky has a great bucket... if you want a good step up from a rubies and a effecient movie sized bucket, go with SGB! I have done 2 SGB helmets and I think there great! I have a SGB jumpsuit as well and I think its fabulous!!!
I agree with Penny, and evan. I too have a SBG bucket, jumpsuit, vest, and neck seal. My head is a little big, but other than that I have no problems with his gear. Excellent work.
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