Sintra question

My dad works at a printing company and as a result, there's quite a lot of various materials that have accumulated in my garage. Just junk he's happened to bring home every now and then. Most of it is foamcore, but there's also a big piece of some kind of plastic, although I don't know what it is. It's about 6mm thick, and 3' x 4'. I can tell it's been cut along one of the 4' sides, so it could have originally been 4' x 8' and just trimmed down, so I'm thinking it is sintra. Is there any way to tell for sure?
Sounds about right. Sintra comes in 4x8 sheets typically. Is it denses? Post a pic we may be able to tell you.
I'll post a photo if you want me to, but it wouldn't be very detailed, as it's just a big white rectangle. Later on tonight I'm going to try and cut off a small piece and boil it and see if it will keep its shape if I bend it. This thing fits all the characteristics of sintra that I know of, and if it holds shape after being boiled, well then, I've got some armor material.

Addendum: Cut out a small piece, boiled it and managed to give it a pretty gentle bend, and it held quite well. Here's a photo, and in case you can't tell, this stuff is crazy thick. I had to boil it for nearly a minute, and then really muscle it to get it to bend. It might be a bit thick, but I think it'll work, and on the plus side, I didn't pay one thin dime for it.
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