Anyone in the San Antonio area know where to get Sintra? I'm having trouble sourcing it locally. I've bought some online before but it was broken in shipping. And it seems sign shops don't want to sell it. Thanks
I found some stuff at the local flea market today its aluminum foam core. It's basically sintra with aluminum plating. Same stuff they use to build atm machines. Surprisingly it's really light weight. And it can be polished out. I got like 10 4' x 4' sheets for $3 each. I'll post some pictures on what it looks like later.
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Here's a chest plate I roughly cut out and started to sand down to raw aluminum ImageUploadedByTapatalk1431150447.163946.jpg it definitely is nicer than sintra but it's a lot harder to work with... Especially while bending it I had to heat it up to about 900- 1000 degrees Fahrenheit

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