Sintra gauntlet shape


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I need some more ideas please. For a bit I had to pack up my Fett until I had time to work on it again. Ok, to be honest, my wife packed it up and put it in the garage. There it got hot and warped the bottom left gaunt, warping inward. I have tried all the tricks I could think of to get it back to shape so I can add some fg to it. Nothing wants to work.

Could someone toss some more ideas at me? My wife gave me the ok to work on it again and I am very excited to do so :thumbsup:
Use plywood, or another solid stock that you can cut to the desired diameter to match your arm. Heat said gauntlet piece with a head gun, and ease the "FORM" into place. Let it sit for several days in your hot garage, then it should be ok...ofcourse storing your stuff in a temperature-controlled environment is ALWAYS advised. ;)
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