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Howdy folks! I've had more than a few requests for these over the past year(s) and I came across enough spare time to get a small run done for any and all who are interested.

I'm offering this limited run of ESB and ROTJ/PrePro clear acrylic parts for your Range Finder. These are sized to fit a hollowed resin mystery RF (from MS or SgtFang) or your scratchbuilt RF. Yet you are getting the clear 100% cast acrylic part only -- I'm still not in the RF building business.

I've finished each one up to a polished clarity and it'll be up to you to either keep it or dull it down to your liking. I'd recommend starting with a 1500 grade and working your way down if you go this route.

So what's the big deal? Well, the dealio is that each one of these little suckers is a hand-made custom -- no two LFL prop clear RF pieces are exactly the same, and so it is with these. That means a lot of hours and elbow grease. Plus, through all my trials with these buggers, I finally figured out an effective way to drill the three lines into the acrylic!!! No more bubbling, scarring, blurring, cracking, or any of a myriad of possible outcomes from the olden days (and no, I won't tell you how:lol:lol: at this point I should patent the process:lol:lol:). But it's up to you as to how you attach it in your RF.

If you really want a way to set off your $800 helmet, I'd advise picking one of these up since it will probably be awhile before I consider punishing myself like this again. Sorry folks, but the price is steep for the pure labor. But if that's too much for you, there are a handful of "rejects" available for less...these are still great if you're doing an ARC, custom mando, or whatever. They're just not as precise as the movie version cuts (a misplaced drill hole, a slightly altered angle, etc.). There is only one ESB piece with a cut-out for the hyperdyne kit already included. If you'd prefer I keep your buy private, just PM me. If you're serious about buying, I'd also recommend hollowing your RF out after you receive the piece. PM for international shipping arrangements. Also, now I'd prefer a money order, but Paypal is still good-to-go. PM me for info.

The available slots:

ESB cut. $40.00 incl. shipping:
1. Got Maul
2. Fett Seven *paid* *shipped*
3. CMAnavy *paid* *shipped*
(includes a "hyperdyne" cut-out, see thread:'s+range Post #29.
4. Darth-Jay *paid*

ROTJ / PreProduction cut. $40.00 incl. shipping:
1. Halo_1 *paid*
2. CGCLone *paid* *shipped*
3. Delta75 *paid* *shipped*
4. Falconfett *paid* *shipped*
5. BobaFett07 *paid* *shipped*

"Also rans". $14.00 incl. shipping:
1. ESB: MandalorFett *paid* *shipped*
2. ESB: SD68 *paid* *shipped*
3. ESB: Sixxgunn13 *paid* *shipped*
4. ROTJ/PrePro:
5. ROTJ/PrePro:
6. ROTJ/PrePro:

Cimg2430 3.jpg
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There's first place and everyone else "also ran." Maybe it's a motorcycle racing thing.

Rejects are inevitable when trying to make these by hand.
Roger that, you're into the RoTJ list, although I'm not sure what that says about you as a person.:rolleyes

All: PM for payment info. Wurd.
Hey guys, I just wanted to remind you that these pieces are coming to you in a closer-to-crystal-clear finish. You'll need to dull them down a bit for accuracy -- it's just easier for you to go from crystal down rather than build up to the right finish, and that's why I did them that way.

Second shipment just went out!
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