SingleSeat's Decal Set #1


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Has anyone out there used the Testors Custom Decal System (see pic)? If so, I made a few files from scratch for use with this system. And I'll send you these files -- just ask! I'll give no warranty on these, so use them if you think it will help your project. Or, if you think I'm crazy, go with that :lol: .

Basically, you use either clear or white base Testors decal paper depending on the decal, print your graphics out on an inkjet printer, and spray the Testors decal solution on the paper. The system comes with software, but you can use any software like photoshop or paintshoppro to scale them to your liking. Then they work like any water-release decals. Just be sure to spray dullcote, or whatever, over them when they're dry.

I made both weathered (for the Boba hard core) and fresh graphics (for you custom mando's out there). The weathered examples are strictly by the book AOSW ESB Fett -- all the scratches are there, exactly. Here are the examples. If you want, you can just copy these images, but *.jpg's erode over time. If you want them in *.bmp, *.tif, or the Testors *.st2 sheet format, PM me with your email address. Have fun!!!

Testors Decal Maker.jpg



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