Side heavy bucket


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Is it just me or does anyone else's bucket feel heavy on side when they are wearing it? Just finished my bucket and put a hard hat liner inside but my RF and stalk are a little on the heavy side and it seems to pull the bucket to one side. Its not noticable to look at but just feels funny :facepalm
I don't know what others have done about this, but I shave my head on one side and cut off my right ear to balance it out. :lol:
I have this problem also. I'm going to add a chin strap to help keep it level.
I noticed in pix of my suit from event's that as the day went on, my helmet started to tilt and I was not even aware it was happening!
Kinda funny, I was gonna ask about the same thing. I figure you could just balance it out. For me, Im soon gonna install a fan or two to the oposite end obviously, wont exactly be equal weight, but it should help it some. I thought about putting in a chin strap as well. I figure you just buy one from a sports shop, and expoxy the snaps to the inside?

(who dosnt l=want to look like a lifesize Fett boblehead)
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