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I´m starting the Boba proyect, and well, I´m gaterhing information about all the pieces, and how to assemble them...

Although I have many many doubts, I will ask you this at this moment...

Anyone knows what was used in the original costume for the "shoulder studs" ?? the ones that are in the collar armour piece that holds the cape ???

I read somewhere they was simply keyboard buttons, but not sure...

Anyone has any pics of it?? and how it´s assembled ... I mean, what do you use to attach the collar to the back piece, and how you place the "shoulder stud" to it ?? (i guess this studs must not be fixed... so you can take off each time you put the armor, isnt it ?)

And.. I also read that there was a connection like this between the cod and the butt pieces ??? is this true as well ??? any pics of this ?

Thank you sooo much and excuse my ignorance.


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I guess I had heard that they were keyboard keys as well, but don't know for certain. I used small bolts that are glued in place on my backplate. They line up with holes in the collar. the collar fits on top of the backplate, then you just tighted down the studs. Sorry, I don't have any pics, but Im shure there are others who do. Seems like most folks do it that way, and it seems as if that is how they did the original.
I just use the stick on furniture feet.They work great, and I just stick a cape hook right up next to it.Not even noticible when the cape is on.
I firmly believe that the originals were keys off old adding machines, the ones that pretty laid flat on the table (hence no sloped keys).

I found a picture online of what I think they might be (probably not the exact make or model):


Notice how the keys are flat, unlike today's modern computer keyboards?


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Nice... thank you all for your answers...

I guess would be hard to find some "correct" keys...

Anyone knows who makes the alum. version ???
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