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I was at a hobby shop near me and they had a decent selection of servos. Some were REALLY small. Is there a standard servo(power,torque,whatever) that is needed? I think they had the Futaba (sp) servos too, but I wasn't sure on the model #.
Hi I used Fytaba micro server on TK-1776 it is number S3107 micro server. Here are the specs

Speed 0.12 sec/60 degrees.
Torque 1.2 kg
Size 21.8x11x19.8mm


Here you can see it in motion
how is it operated? Are you doing it or is some off vid doing it for you?
It looks great!
Got a tutorial?
Hey Fetts,

That's my helmet! :D Didn't Mobius do a great job?! As for your question, the rangefinder is controlled by a wireless remote control which can be mounted inside a gauntlet. Most likely, he was holding it in his had during the filming. It's going to look even better once I've installed my Bobo rangefinder LED's. Mobius has offered to do this to other Fett's helmets, here on TDH. PM him if you are interested. He did a great job on mine, not to mention that he turned the inside of my helmet into a replica of the Riddel Fett helmet. I highly recommend his work! :)

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Trooperkev, It is atached by two screws that are fiberglased inside the helmet. Than there is a disc that you put on a clog wheel that sticks out from the helmet and the stalk is glued onto that.
thanks. i found the servo here at radio south. they carry the futaba servo. i was curious as to how you attach the stalk. would you say it is rather easy. if you can show a picture of the connection.

Just a little word of advice guys. Mobius did an awesome job making this circuit, but if you plan on using a heavier RF/stalk and putting in an LED circuit at the top, the servo doesn't have enough power to lift the stalk up. So you might want a more powerful one?

Bobo is right guys, the one I used on TK-1776 helmet is the S3107 micro server from Futaba and it seem that it is not powerfull enough for the Aluminum stalk + the led lights. The servo is powerful enough to lift the stalk and rangefinder but when TK-1776 installed the leds to the rangefinder it became to heavy. I am trying to find a more powerfull one.
just some info... servos are rated at 2 different voltages

I'll use the steering servo in my R/C car as an example
it is a hitech brand model HS-6985HB

at 4.8 volts it is 144 oz. torque 0.16 seconds speed
at 6 volts it is 172 oz. torque 0.13 seconds speed

also if you are using aa/aaa cells these are 1.5 volts per cell and the cells for R/C stuff made to run these servos are 1.2 volts so figure accordingly

I'd recommend a highest torque servo you can afford and run the highest juice to it that you dare

i hope this info helps someone

These are some servos that I found. I have run some tests on them for capacity and speed. They look great and running them with a PIC module, I have acceleration and deceleration control. Can't wait to get this in my helmet. It's less than a 1/2" thick.
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