Second ROTJ helmet, FP from Asok!


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Thanks, travsall for putting up this post. It's great to learn from it.

mmgraphics -- this probably has been answered in other threads, but for the cold cast helmet, do you just apply masking fluid/toothpaste onto the silver scratch areas after you've buffed the helmet and then apply the primer? In other words, since the masked areas won't be painted anyway, there's no need for primer to get onto those areas? Sorry for the noob question -- just want to make sure I understand this process.


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You don´t need any primer at all for the cold cast Asok helmet! I tried it on the visor-cut-out piece first and just applied my first layer of paint on it.
It works fantastic. Just mask the scratches and get on the first layer of color. That´s it.

Pretty easy, uh?

Hope I could help.


PS: For other non-cold-cast-helmets I always use primer first and then silver as base color.


Got things moved along quite a bit now, did a lot of touch ups, sanded down the entire side with the kill stripes for the decals from Lucky31, added the grey tones, and a little more weathering to the helmet. Tried something different with the ears, I actually painted them fully in greys, then wet sanded them down, really gives a weathered look that would be extremely hard to get otherwise. Happy with them! Also got the range finder stalk attached, and outer ear in place with a couple metal pegs, a rare earth magnet, and a metal screw that connects with it. Still have some paint washes, some over spray weathering, and a little airbrush detailing.
Being hand detailed, i know it's not dead on accurate, and for this helmet, I'm fine with that, it has the right look and feel, the ROTJ look, with a little of my own touches, I'm pretty happy over all!






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It looks much better now! I'm glad you did those changes to your helmet. Can't wait to see the helmet with killstripes and rangefinder.

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Id like to see you paint the stripes but thats Me...the decals just dont look right to be honest....It does look MUCH better though...Im glad you started over but sad you had to
Looking a lot better man! That bucket looks a lot more like it's seen some combat (or a sarlacc pit or two XD). I especially like how you weathered the ear pieces, it looks very believable! make sure to take notes on what you did for the helmet so when you make the other parts of armor, they'll more or less "match" together! Good job!


Now that you've made some really good adjustments and are redoing the killstripes, I also agree that painting them on may be a better plan of attack for you. I say this as I have tried both, and not only do the painted stripes look better, you can actually adjust them to the correct size for your helmet, as every helmet differs. I think particularly in your case where you have redone or adjusted certain damage, a few mock up templates together with careful masking out with a tape and masking fluid (or in your case toothpaste) combo, will give a more satisfying end result. Only my 2 cents tho, peace :)


Thanks again guys! I am glad I started over too, the problems pointed out really helped this become something I'm much more satisfied with, closer to where I wanted it, and just better all around. I'm feelin ya on the kill stripes, I was thinking that having them stand out even as much as the vinyl sheet could be too much, and the difference from paint to vinyl won't be an easy transition. I think I'll save those kill stripes for the stand I'm building, or another project altogether, still like the idea a lot, but the paint is just going to look better here, and now it's worth the re-sizing and getting them perfect for this helmet.


Got the outside finished! Paint is all done at least, still some more to go before it's a total wrap. Glad I did do the kill stripes in paint, happy with them now! I screwed up the visor, cut it a little too small on the top section of the T, anyone have a good source for visors, or where I'd be able to find another green grade 5 welding shield in Canada? After that's squared, have the rangefinder electronics, have the battery box built, the LEDs in place, just need to get the mercury tilt switch in the mail. The interior is on the go, but more work is needed there, doing it from craft foam to replicate the MS interior I had for my old helmet, was beautiful! But from what I understand he's no longer doing them, is that correct? Also thinking of adding a built in voice modulator, just need a small speaker I can mount on the inside where the dental node is, have the amp kit and mic ready to go. Took a couple shots in my shop to go with the other pics so far, plan on doing a full shoot tomorrow in the natural light!





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Wow! I'm glad you choosed to paint the killstripes and it looks awesome. One thing to comment on your helmet: the LEDs on the rangefinder should not stick out that much. The original setup is this:



Great shot RafalFett, that helps a ton! The're just set in place right now, but I will glue them when I can finish the tilt switch at that height. Adjusted them for the shots I just finished taking. Thanks again too Fett 4 Real, you helped me a lot with this paint up, it came out better because of your suggestions and what you pointed out, my sincere gratitude! :)
Here's the shots now, finished paint, very cool to get to this stage!!















The stand I made, taking advantage of the cool Fett Pride logo

The interior so far, lots more to do.

And of course, cause ya gotta wear it, otherwise what's the point? ;)


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Excellent! You did a great job! I'm sorry that I didn't noticed before, but the ROTJ helmet doesn't have the camera lens on the rangefinder. I think this is an easy fix.

That helmet turned out awsome dude! I really like the little edges that look charred (did you use black spray paint to mist those edges I think?)! It really gives that extra worn and torn look to it! I really applaud you for making the inside of the helmet look so nice too! Keep it up!


Thanks RafalFett! I completely missed that too, just did it up with the rest of the kit LOL REAL easy fix, popped it off no problem! Thanks so much Arch, I really appreciate it! Yep, those scorch marks are all done with spray paint, misting the helmet at an angle. I LOVE helmet interiors, sometimes so many details to add in, sometimes you get to design what it should look like yourself! Speaking of the interior, I've got it almost finished, added the voice modulator today! 1" speaker, small Radioshack wired amp board, mic with on/off switch, all attached and glued in place. Sounds good and adds just the right amount of distortion to sound like Fett, REALLY happy with it! Also finished the range finder with a mercury tilt switch that activates in the lowered position. Doesn't flash like the movie, couldn't find a ready done board that would fit, and I don't know how to make that kind of a board myself, so this will do!