Scube belt buckle interests?


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Scube belt buckle interests? *pics added*

hey guys. i have made a couple scuba belt buckels as seen on boba. these buckles are nonworking buckels, but, they still look great. the buckels come fully painted in the same helmet color, Panzer olive green. you will need to buy the straps. i am working on finding the straps at the moment, but, if i find what i am looking for, i will let you guys know ASAP. the buckels are $20 shipped (more if outside US). these buckels are very nice looking, and i will take some pics, and post them later. just let me know if any of you guys are interested...and i know, you would like to see pics first, but, just let me know if your just a little bit interested.


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just a little update...i just took some pics of the belt buckle, and will get them devoloped soon. i will let you guys know via PM when i have the pics....and...sorry....i don't know how to post them here, so, i will need you guys to PM me your email address.
hey guys...just wanted you to know, i took some pics of the buckle, but, they didn't turn out well, so, i sent one to TK-409, and he is going to shoot the pics for me, and post them for me. i have already sent the buckle, and i am just waiting for him to shoot the pics, and post them. sorry for the delay.
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