scracth built shopin list


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ok i think that i got a list of every thing i need but im not shure im atempting to make a scracth built bucket with the mh mesurements if i leave something out could some one please tell me im also not shure wat kind of plastic to use so if someone could help my i would be great full (y) ok i think in need corect me if im wrong
1 baseball helmet
plastic of a certin kind
a visor
and ill worry about the paint when i get there i was alsao wondering wicht helmet would work best and thanks u guys realy know wat u are doing much more so than i so thanks for the help

ps is there ne thing else i could be getting for helmet wile im at store


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Rawlings Batting helmet, Adult Large found at wal-mart -there pretty huge.
Bondo- found at Wal-mart.
Fiberglass repair kit- if you want to reinforce the helmet from the inside when your done- found at wal-mart
Square Trash can- Can be used to form the lower half/cheeks and mandilbes, Found at wal-mart
Superglue-Alot of it.
Welding Visor- found at various Websites.
Earcapes and Rangefinder, you need them imo before you begin construction to the side or you wont know how far down to go, because there all different.

you will also need to improvise helmet measurments since I am sure the batting helmet isnt the same size as the measurmnets on TK-409's website.

good luck.