Don Post Deluxe Fett , acquired!!!!! Bucket list checked off!


Today, I scored a low # (229) 1996 Don Post Fett Deluxe!
I have been searching for one of these since '96!
My holy grail!
Thankfully in immaculate order and well taken care of by the previous owner.
Took some pics quick to post, but will grab some actual shots another time for the MEDIA page.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will!
20200905_173503.jpg 20200905_173525.jpg 20200905_173550.jpg 20200905_173619.jpg 20200905_173638.jpg 20200905_173700.jpg 20200905_173812.jpg 20200905_173908.jpg 20200905_173722.jpg 20200905_173753.jpg


Congratulations on your piece of Fett history.
Thank you!

A few observations now that I have this thing in hand.
It's a hair smaller than the EFX and the Hasbro, and the cheeks kind of dig into my cheeks when putting it on, but once it's on, it feels good.
It's a "tank".
4lbs....solid chunk of helmet.
The ears and stalk are cast metal, not aluminum.
The paint job/colors we always knew were not accurate, but it represents Fett good enough that anyone would know it's him.
The detailing paint is all done by hand and has LOTS of surface texture, but the physical damage lines all over seem to be cast in the fiberglass.
I've seen some other pics people posted, and confirmed damages are all in the same place.
The visor looks good from the outside and inside, but, I never knew this until now, the visible area of the visor is a smaller T shape, with the bottom half of the center of the visor actually being a molded part of the helmet, with the shiny black visor material over top of it on the outside.
The antenna is a little loose and falls down occasionally, and the right ear piece and cover are also a bit wobbly if you mess with them.
It looks pretty close to screen accurate, but there are some minor proportions with it that are a bit off.
There is no way to tighten the screws up, as they're behind the padding/lining on the inside.
The borden connector is not metal, and is part of the cast of the helmet, it seems.
There is no MQ-1 circuit board detailing behind the keyslots.
Lastly, the lining has maintained its shape and adhesion to the inside of the helmet incredibly well!
This thing is a joy to wear!
I suspect other fiberglass Fetts feel good too, but I've never handled one until now.
Other than trying to find a least non invasive way to tighten this thing up, nothing else is getting done to this puppy!
I've got a swell of thoughts of pre-Spec Ed hype, Shadows Of The Empire, and many other 1996'isms going on in my cranial right now.
This is a hallowed piece!
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Hi I’m Bobert!
I've seen some posts that talk about 3D printed Nemrod holsters but I have not been able to find any suppliers. I'm getting my armor from Boba Maker and I see that he sells a rubber version but I'm just trying to find out what options there are before I pull the trigger (pun intended). : )
yeah, and the Deluxe Vader went for $1100 brand new! lol

That's crazy! A little over $1,800 today! Anovos was, what? $799 right now?