General Saturniid's SE Boba Fett progress: 501st approved BH-43119


Active Hunter
Yesterday was one of our largest events, the annual Star Wars Night with the Columbus Clippers baseball team. I had to drop out of last year’s event, so I was happy to be involved this time. We had nearly 50 characters representing the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, and Droid Builders.

I was in costume for a couple of hours, got slapped in the face by some teenage punk, took a break, then went back out until my arms were ready to fall off. As a less-mobile character, I didn’t go out onto the field, but I did appreciate staying out of the rain and sun, which both hit us that evening.


Active Hunter
This was a special one. My 20th official troop was on stage with Weird Al! I was extremely lucky to be able to join in, since they usually only have TK’s and a Vader, but there were a few drop-outs, so they brought me in.

Here we are heading onto the stage. I was the first one; a bit nerve racking walking out in front of 4000 screaming fans!

During Al’s performance of “The Saga Begins”:

And meeting the man after the show:

Just a really great experience all around. There are things I’ve done in costume that we’re more meaningful, but this was by far the most fun!