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Rubies will probably make the belt yellow, and make absolutely sure that it will not fit any adult over 5'5".

I *loathe* rubies...In fact Im kicking myself for buying those Jango Fett blasters.
I agree. I got the JF helmet and was prefectly pleased with the shape.. but the color was ALL wrong. So maybe it will look great, shape wise, but you might want to think about altering. Who knows, maybe all you'll need is leather dye.

Quote:Looks pretty good to me still...hopefully the actual product will look half that good.

Keep in mind, the helmet looked fantastic in the photo on EE.
The actual product looked nothing like what they had on their website!

Is it me or do the holsters look way too short?
I know the barrels on the blasters are shorter than the real ones, but those holsters look kinda small.
i had seen the one at C2 and it looked ok color wise...they didnt let me try it on so i really odnt know about length or size and being looked pretty good at C2 though...i got a better one though....he he he
I actually really like the blasters, hell of alot better than hasbro's and cheaper than resin.
I just got my blasters the other day. They need some work but aren't that bad. There was a thread on how to modify them. That holster doesn't look bad either. We'll see.
Wll, I just got the rubies holster set. The color is nothing like the entertainment earth pic. There is also no buckle in the back, it is velcro. I guess I should know what to expect for 23 bucks. I am going to try to make it work though because I dont have the cashola for the good one.

Wow, where did you get it? Can you take some pics? And Im not totally sure, but i think a velcro closure is accurate, thats how the ammo belt is at least. And from what i can judge by the size of the blasters and the ones i have, the proportions seem to be pretty good, as far as size and length goes.
This is true. My belts are, in this order: gun belt (buckle on back), braided leather (velcro), ammo pouch (velcro).

I would realy like some pics of the holster, im prolly gonna depend on this one as well because of price. Could it be painted or at least used for templates?

<img src=>

The size looks alright here, that's an adult wearing it.
OK, heres a little description of the holsters I recieved. They are made from a hard latex? I think. If they had left the color alone, they would be alright. But in the wisdom that is rubys, some a$$hole thought it would be a good idea to brush some beige paint all over it for what I am assuming to be a more realistic look. As far as taking them apart to use for a template, I guess it is possible except the holster itself is one piece and most of the belts are glued. The size is for an adult

For a better pic try
Type in jango fett in the search

Hope this helps,

Kylash, yes that is where i picked mine up. I actually bought the costume too! When it came I was so disgusted":puke" that I sent it back and told my wife I was going to make one for my son and I. I searched the web, found this oasis(tdh) and the rest is history.

Woudl it be possible to take a few pics for others to see who wanna see the real thing before the buy? Thanks
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