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I've got a rubie's helmet, made of a simi-hard vinal that leaves the helmet a bit flexable, i'm wondering if anyone has ever used one of these. I thought i was getting a don post but ordered the wrong thing and now i have this. I don't have time to get a DP before i need my costume so here's what i'm thinking....

If i use a contact adhesive to glue in a helmet, i was thinking a Tactical Ballistic Helmet or maybe just a baseball style helmet, that should mold to the helmet and keep the rubies helmet from being to flexable...

does that sound like it will work?
I had two friends in my Garrison come to a event this past weekend and they worked hard over the past few weeks to make some cool custom Mandalorian costumes. What made me laugh real hard was they transported thier Rubies helmets in Styrofoam coolers with Ice-packs so they would not warp...or melt if you will. Why waste your time? Get a DonPost 95-96 or a cheaper fiberglass helmet to start.
that's the problem, i don't have any time... I plan on getting a DP aswell but i'm going to have to go ahead and use this one for now, but I can make the alterations with the inner helmet now. So I figgure that's what I'm gonna do.
You can put fiberglass on the inside of the helmet and it will hold it's shape. If you do this first sand the inside a some so it will bond to the helmet. Heat the helmet with hot water, of a hair dryer and get it to the shape you want. Then you can apply the fiber glass.
Another way to stiffin it up would be to buy a metal craft ring. You get the helmet the shape you want, cut the craft ring with a drimmel or hacksaw so that the part of the ring you cut fits along the helmet. I did mine from cheek to cheek along the back of the helmet. Glue the ring in and it will hold its shape much better. You can basically do the same mods you would do to a Don Post helmet. If you use the search feature on the site there is plenty of info on this topic.
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