RS Armor material

I'm curious if anyone knows what material RS Prop Masters uses to make most of their ROTJ Boba Fett. The stormtrooper they sell is offered in PVC and ABS. I don't know that I've ever seen PVC vac-formed. Is that what this is? I do a little vac-forming myself, and I know this armor isn't like anything I've tried. PETG wouldn't hold paint this well. HDPE wouldn't hold paint or be able to be formed so cleanly. HIPS and ABS aren't this flexible.

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im 99% sure its ABS. .060 At least the sets i had here for commissions seemed like was pincell/haircell on the backside.
The right gauntlet and bottom half of the left is haircell ABS. The cod, kidney, back, chest, collar, knees and shoulders are a softer material that is very flexible, but seems to have no problem with paint adhesion. With the return edge, you'd expect cracks in the corners with the way it flexes, but there's none. It's really puzzling me.